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Top Features:

  • Group Symmetry Creation Mode
  • Dynamic Group Folder Reflections
  • Matte Reflection Mode
  • Updated UI with speed improvements
  • Matte Shadow with Alpha Channel
  • Improved material visibility options
  • Save Group Folder as E3D file
  • Export OBJ Utility
  • Improved C4D support file support with animation
  • Randomized Raytrace samples for multi-pass motion blur
Element 3D V2.2

Salon Fredericton3 weeks agoIs it a stable version. I can’t install the latest version of Adobe After effectsreplyChasein Digital Marketing2 months agoPlease can you update about the versionreplySantiago3 months agoHI!! Element 3D stopped working in After Effects 2020. It does not interpret textures and environment. Someone did the same? I need help! THANKS!replyMarlon Yax7 months agono es compatible con MacOS Catalina…replyRakesh Dey10 months agoNEW FEATURE REQUEST.

Please add “Advance” Section of individual material to the entire OBJECT Setting and Group Setting, so that I can toggle “Visible to Camera”, “AO mode” and other options for all the items inside a single object or a group.

Reason: I have imported my c4d phone model into element 3D. Now I want the phone cover frame, camera module and screen to be ignored from AO or sometimes I want my entire phone model to be “Invisible To AO/Glow”, so then how can I do it fast? I have to find each item, click on it, scroll and toggle that option. That’s a lot of work. It would be super fast if get those “Advance” material options in Object/Group settings.replyRobert10 months agoI have AE CS6. Will Element 3D V2.2 work with AE CS6??? If not, what version is compatible with AE CS6?

Thank youreplyGonzalo Manriquez1 year agoHello, What are the system requirements for using Element 3D? Thank you in advance.replyDeepanshu1 year agoHello Sir
from the third minute I do not understand how you have superimposed the doors created in element 3d on the road? Plzz make a tutorial on it..!!replydenno1 year agoDoes video copilot plugins work with davinci resolve 15 ?replyadolph3 years agoI want ask which vision can be used Macbookpro2015? Please tell me,thank you very muchreplyپرورش قارچ3 years agotank you.
very nice.replyep3 years agoDoes this work with the latest AE, namely CC 2017?replypcmate3 years agohappy to hearreplyMike783 years agoSame problem with my MSI GTX 980 – ray-traced shadows not work (black screen)(((( waits for a update….replyfarfayus3 years agoI’ve error with my new GTX 1070… all is good, but when i use the shadow with ray traced, i’ve a crash… but not on an other pc with the same config, and a GTX 650…
i’ve disabled all shadow on Element3d to work, and all is good, when i want to render, i must render on the gtx 650 only… why ? need a update… all other cuda render in AE or Mocha is good, cinema4d is good, only Element 3D and only with shadow enable and ray traced option… someone have the same problem ?replytequila3 years agomy quadro fx 2800M can run element 3D ???replymhbit3 years agothat’s realy a great pluginreplyScott Winchester Esq3 years agoAndrew, or One of his Minions,

Please could you tell me why Element 3D doesn’t support Intel Graphics cards? i am sure there is an answer below but to be fair life it too short to be scrolling through loads of messages asking you to look at their videos (which by the way, some are pretty cool)… i look forward to your reply soon 🙂 happy holidays VCP 🙂

ScottreplyJean3 years agoVideo Copilot exist for best we life!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IENAmT3MevEreplyDayan Paul3 years agoDoes element support Maya character rigs? I need to overlay pieces of 3D clothing on
Live action characters that move.replyPaolo3 years agoHello I have a problem with ELEMENT 3D, when I do I enable the Raytrace option in AMBIENT OCCLUSION after effects crashes with error (element has encountered an unrecoverable error). I’ve already ADDED my gpu (980Ti) in the list of supported GPU, but the problem persists. I have tried various versions of after effects and I have updated all of the GPU drivers, I have also tried to use different version of the driver, without success.

Can you help me please?replyasuquo daniel3 years agopls what app was use to make this element 3dreplyتلویزیون شهری4 years agoHi. Awesome plugin. Thumbs up.replyطراحی سایت4 years agothx alotreplyباربری تهران4 years agoHello, are this plugin can be install on after effect cs4 in Windows 10 ?replyXuan truong4 years agoHi
I use computers Quadro 6000,
I can install element 3d version 2? Thank You!replyCal Curran4 years agoWhere could I find the 3D models used in this video?


CalreplyJon4 years agoSweet Lord give that 1080 support…also this plugin is great thankyou!replyHendrik Weber4 years agoHi Andrew and crew,
What more: Good music, good story and good software … Thanks a lot for the great tools!
Sunny regards from Berlin, Hendrik

After Effects: E3D, ProScore, Action Essentials, Motion Design, Optical flares, Saber, Head distortionreply

Andy4 years agoWhich plug-in´s do i need to use element V2 2?replyjohn4 years agoMesh visibilty cant be foundreply

aref4 years agoHello anyone Square when the new updates coming to gtx1080replyheritier lukoji4 years agoj’adore ce travail de montage vidéo , je suis toujours deriere vos tutosreplyDavid Chandler4 years agoI’m haveing problem with 3d plugin for cc 2015, it isn’t allowing me to use the metropolitan tools it keeps reading out error 25:3 why is thisreplyamit4 years agoDoes element 3d v1.6 woks in windows 10 in after effect cs5replyMassimo Abeni4 years agoSome news about GTX1080?replySteffen4 years agoAdobe After Effects CC 2015.3 13.8.0 New Version
is Element3D v2.2-2147 compatible with this new version of AE
or need Element3D a new update
I have not the update installed on Adobe After Effects CC 2015.3 13.8.0
so I ask whether we need a new update for Element3Dreplymadhuri4 years agoim using cs4 can i use its for 32 bitreplyDwayne4 years agoworks only in aae CC 2015? Still using cs4 out there.replySkuBeeDoo4 years agoIn the title shot still, with the sci-fi room with the bright orange light in the round hall, how did Andrew create the light in the scene? Thanks in advance…replyJT4 years agoMy latest animation of E3D
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-ocD4vifXsreplySteffen4 years agothe update Element 3D 2.2.2 Update – build 2145 is compatible with the new GPU Nvidia GTX 1080 yes or no…..?
or there will be a new update for Nvidia GTX 1080
Currently there is no support for Nvidia GTX 1080reply

Steffen4 years agoNew Update

Element 3D 2.2.2 Update – build 2145 – May 24th, 2016

https://www.videocopilot.net/products/element2/update/replyjonnytracker tracker4 years agowhy not make the 3d element into full features 3D application like 3DsmaxreplyPako4 years agoHi everybod,
I have a license for Element 3d v2. Since I installed on my new workstation the element 3d plugin, I have never managed to make it work. I can just run the 1.6 version. My only fear is that element 2.2.2 or 2.2.0 are not compatible with my graphics card Nvidia K2200 Quadro.
I wrote the assistance Video Copilot but for now I have not received any suggestion. Plus I installed on my laptotp the same version of Windows 10 and on that laptop element v 2.2.2 works correctly.
If anyone had any suggestions, it would be really appreciated.
Thank you and Andrew Kramer for President!replyMadison4 years agoHi All, I am looking for a professional editor who knows After Effect very well to help out on my upcoming indie film. If you are interested or want to know more about the project please email me some links to your works and info on how I can get in contact with you. I apologize for the randomness of this message. I had to post it here I feel most of you guys here might fit what I am looking for. Thanks.reply魔力星团4 years ago非常感谢 thanksreplyJohn4 years agoHi Andrew,

Really love this plugin – it’s an essential part of our workflow and is something we use more than any other plugin / 3D application.

Just a suggestion for the next version – would it be possible to integrate a timeline into the viewport, so that OBJ animated sequences may be viewed within the element scene setup, instead of having to either offset the objects frames or return to the composition view to preview the animation?

Keep up the amazing work and all the best for NAB later this week.replyفروش مانیتور دست دوم4 years agowooow very goodreplySubrata Majumdar4 years agoThanks Andrew,for your plugins. Its simply greatest and boost my work Technics.replyAshik4 years agoHey
What is the requirements like ram,graphic card for smooth working on elament 3D and v2replykurt murphy4 years agoThank you Andrew, for the incredible upgrade. This plug-in simply blows me away. I almost feel guilty for getting a paycheck to play with this software. Almost.

Here’s an open for our newscast:

https://vimeo.com/159277633replyJay Tee4 years agoI am always grateful to your awesome plug-ins and tutorials!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0BT8DYYn6QreplyLWAddict4 years agoIs there a demo we can try for a bit?replyAz Nuvunga4 years agomy e3d v1.6 test one year ago.
what do you think?


Arvind4 years agoI just got the element V2 but when I install it as an administrator nothing happens. I am unable to install it. I am having windows 10 i5 nvidia geforce
plz helpreplyطراحی سایت4 years agothank you for share this article…replyJoe4 years agoHey VC team,
it will be really cool and a very big feature if we get for the next E3D update the possibility to do some respectively offset frame parameter in replicator menu for backed animation, in different axes (y,x,z) linear, radial.. in the style of C4D MoGraph Spline Effect.


I really appreciate your work guys!! you`re bring After effect to life concern 3D Motion design.replymansyur4 years agoHello, are this plugin can be install on after effect cs4 in Windows 10 ?replyBenjamin Keating4 years agoHi, We are looking to buy this how ever my pc has 1xGTX 750TI (primary Card) and 2x GTX Titan X, I have done a test with this and it only seems to use my 750ti and not the 2 titan’s, can you tell me if multi GPU support will be added?

The main reason i ask is i only have 2GB ram with the 750TI but 12GB on each titanreplyFatmir4 years agoAdobe Fuse,Mixamo,Element 3D V2.2 Test
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HBFHruXTANIreplyWahyu4 years agoI like Element 3D V 2.2replyسایت لباس4 years agoThanks for a super cool tutorial.replyدستگاه تصفیه آب4 years agoHey guys!

I was wondering if you think Element 3D will ever support SLI graphics.replyJohnny Blaze4 years agoI am a bit confused. In order to operate the jet strike, aerial, and metropolitan packs is element v2.2 a requirement or recommended? I’m losing something in translation. I am currently working on a project with a limited budget. Any way i could save some money would be great. Also any help would be greatly appreciated. THank you!reply

Paolo4 years agoHi Videocopilot’s team. This is my compose showreel, thanks you

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUy8uR6lWYoreplyLie Yan4 years agoHi!Andrew Kramer!You are amazing!I am Chinese and my English is not very well.I am your fan!I love your tutorials! It was help me a lot!
I am sorry that I used some your products without money,but I promise:If I earn the money,I will pay back the money in time! Come on!AK god!replyKenny4 years agoHi guys,
Can anyone tell me if Element 3d V2 supports PNG sequence with alpha or an MOV with alpha as a texture?
I have V1 and it won’t support animated png sequence or mov with alpha.reply

Jeferson Arantes4 years agoSome could help me , please?
I’ll explain what’s going on !
When I open the plugin element 3d objects are all black I can not change anything or put color on them.
What I do help me .
Thank you!replyPaolo4 years agoHi Andrew, this is my video. Thanks you.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YOjSVtldTi8replyKen White4 years agogreat and intersting article newsreplyAlshan4 years agoWhat about Intel he graphics users. Is there any solutions?replyBeaver4 years agoFor those taking pops on here at Andrew and VC, I’m willing to bet if an opportunity like this came your way you would all up and leave what you were doing and give 100% even more. As a family man also, I can understand the commit and constraints working in this line of work can cause. Didn’t JJ just quote that he didn’t want to do the second film partly because he didn’t want his family to hate him.

Nothing last forever and I wish them all the best. If anything I’m so thankful for what knowledge I’ve received from these guys.

If I got a job working on something like this, I would need to give all my energy after all isn’t this what we are all working towards in our own ways! He’s worked hard, got talent and to be honest, for those people having a moan here, I wouldn’t think twice about dedicating my energy somewhere else as opposed to an audience as fickle as some of these comments I’m reading.

Go for it chaps, well deserved and thanks for everthing so far!replyFatmir4 years agoHuman | Render&Compositing Test with ELEMENT 3D v2.2
Hope you like it 🙂replyگالری عکس4 years agoGreat plugin!

It is really useful plugin for after effects users!
Thanks for your products!replySam Jackson4 years agoHey guys!

I was wondering if you think Element 3D will ever support SLI graphics.replyاستند موبایل4 years agovery good content is useful and you use very nice images thanksreplyservice frigidere4 years agoThanks for your plugins.You are the best Andrew!I Love youreplyFatmir4 years agoPlease
Share and Support Kosovo 😀

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSGH84cv7aIreplyjack4 years agoandrew i want ask question! how to get licensereplyFatmir4 years agoTREE of LOVE
Hope you like it 😀
MAde with Element 3D 2.2

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmg-KzzjKJYreplykhalid4 years agomy dears! when i render in Ae 3d elements v2 the rendering has stoped and lose 3d elements plugin then Ae be closed. what should i do?reply

wilson4 years agoI really like all this plugins more and morereplyپاور بانک4 years agovery useful plugin for me!thanks for alotreplyطراحی سایت وارنا وب4 years agoYes!!! Now all Adobe has to do is fix those bugs on AE 2015 and we’re good! Can’t wait to try it out! ….Right after I get off the toilet…replyآموزش جلوه های ویژه5 years agoThanks for a super cool tutorial.replyدوربین مداربسته5 years agoThank you , it’s really useful to me

Element 3D is greatreplysgceeee5 years agohey guys am a student who wish to know more about the software called 3D element. please help me to improve my skills since I am introduced to 3D MAXreply

Digiphic5 years agoGreat plugin!

It is really useful plugin for after effects users!
Thanks for your products!

http://www.digiphic.comreplyMoritz5 years agoThis is too cool to be true. Thanks for this tutorial.replyMahdi Salehi5 years agoHi. It’s me again. Please, I want to be your student.reply

Mahdi Salehi5 years agoHi. I want to be your student. I know you are thinking that oh man he is crazy. but I am a person that love VFX with all part of my body.replyMahdi Salehi5 years agoHi. Do you think can I be your student? I mean in reality.replyTehran Site Design5 years agoThanks for a super cool tutorial.replyFatmir5 years agoLife Of Pi – Remake wtih Element 3D 2.2
Hope you like it 😀

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNbjeCgDxrgreplyDr_Stef5 years agoFinding new ways to use Element every day since V1 came out, and V2 is pretty fantastic.
Use this plugin! It will change your life. Works great for 360 VR projects too!
My latest project 🙂 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRqitE3dxeo

Made in After Effects with: Element3D V2 – Optical Flares – TwitchreplyLaura5 years agoThanks for a super cool tutorial.replyjayino5 years agohi this is very goodreplyScott Sagan5 years agoHey Andrew! I loved using the first version of Element 3D, it made my work enjoyable in an otherwise miserable job. At a great new place now, and looking into getting a copy. Does Element 3D V2 include the spinning phones models from V1? Thanks a mil!replySteffen5 years agoElement3D v2.2.2 New Update


Bruno5 years agoHi guys
This is my new project “Actemium” realized with Element 3D V2.2.

Follow me on Twitter: https://vimeo.com/141586361

Thanks.replyBruno5 years agoI wanted to say “Actemium” and Twitter is https://twitter.com/WyfilmsBrunoreplyBruno5 years agoTwitter: https://twitter.com/WyfilmsBrunoreply刘永飞5 years ago我安装Element 3Dv2.2完成以后,打开AE,新建一个固态层,然后将E3D添加到固态层上,为什么没有出现注册对话框,而连续出现这种对话框
第一次出现After Effects错误,无法加载增效工具“Element 3D aex”
以前用过1.6的,没这个问题replySteve5 years agoEveryday we are checking your blog for updatereplyJoseph Hollins5 years agoI wonder. Does this mean we could be getting a “Destruction” model pack sometime in the future? I would dig thatreplyeven5 years agoje suis très eurreux de vous suivrereplyMustafa5 years agoPodium Circle

https://youtu.be/nlDFfd3lumoreplyJonathan5 years agoAre all of these objects made within Elements or are these objects from preset packages we can purchase? Or are they made within Cinema 4D then brought over to elements?reply

Randall5 years agoAny idea of what components Andrew used to make the “trap door” mechanism?reply

Steffen5 years ago@Christian Michael

current version is 2.2.0
and not v2.2.1


Christian Michael5 years agoI just had an issue with Element and went to attach my system info to the email to support. While in Element getting the system info I noticed there is an update to Version 2.2.1. This was released back on August the 20th Silently it seems….. This silence is becoming old.

Christian Michael
https://vimeo.com/137131509replySteven Jenkins5 years agoUnfortunately, there isn’t anything new on Twitter either. We are waiting for the glorious return!replypablo5 years agoI remember those happy days when I woke up, went to vc website and found a new tutorial/product… I just opened a twitter account to get the news from you… please don’t break up with us!!!replySoldier Alpha5 years agoWhat’s the latest guys? It’s been a few months. Thanks.replyHein5 years agoHey Andrew.
Huge fan and thank you for your amazing products.
I’m having trouble rendering some element stuff where element V2 renders jumpy frames or previously used masks that have since been removed.
Cleared caches it still does it?
Extremely unproductive if I have to re-render a 2hour render because of a single frame!reply

George Laird5 years agoI am a big fan of video copilot site, I hope that Andrew can drop an update of what’s in the pipeline. Obviously he is doing a lot of big projects, and we can expect a return. just a bit of feedback would help get everyone back in the know.replyFatmir5 years agoGodzilla Remake with Element 3D v2.2
Hope you like it 😀
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MRZxZAswF04replya5 years agoloremloremloremloremloremloremloremloremloremloremloremloremloremloremloremloremloremreplySuvorov5 years agoall 3d render in Element 3dv2
https://youtu.be/XmwzntPq8wIreplyLukas5 years agoHi! My short movie with some Element 3D animations:

Hopy you like it! 🙂replyRafa5 years agoHi VCP! haven’t seen any updates to the site in a few months. Hope that means JJ has you working on Episode VII!!!!!!! Hope everything is well.reply

Darren5 years agoI think the reason was let slip by Ryan on Film Riot the other week. Seems we’ve finally lost Andrew to Hollywood 🙁 Ryan said Andrew had to fit in finishing Intercept around his full time job at Bad Robot. This explains why the tutorials and site updates have been so few and far between, mostly consisting of overviews of the new versions of Element 3d which are coded I presume by the people who get the jobs advertised on the site. Congratulations in order for Andrew in that case and thanks for all the unparalleled help you’ve given the motion graphics community over the last 15 years or so. Hope you find time to keep the site’s quality up. A quick hello would be a good start!replyLabs Castle5 years agoThis is what i made using Element 3D v2.2, check it out guys!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=at_1u4TI0U4replyDwaine5 years agoHey check out my creation using Element 3D v2.2

https://www.facebook.com/dwaine.vassell/videos/10155980811185323/?l=5610186537162899173replyMichael5 years agoPlaying around….

https://www.facebook.com/michaelandrebergh/videos/891015300952400/replyThe Truth5 years agoI’m starting to think Andrew is seeing someone else, but hasn’t got the heart to tell us..

I swear I saw him the other day at the mall with new, younger, website. But they ducked into Victoria’s Secrets before I could confront them.

I guess it’s time to move on , we’re all Video Ex-Copilots now.replywieslaw5 years agoIt’s a shame that VC is history. And it was my mandatory side .replyLabs Castle5 years agoCheck out what i made with Element 3D v2.2

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=at_1u4TI0U4replySuvorov5 years agoall 3d render in Element 3d V2
https://vimeo.com/137164259replySteffen5 years agothis could someone confirm Element3D v2.2 is incompatible with Windows 10

or there is a new update so give it under Windows 10 works.reply

Aaron Stephen5 years agoPlease how i download some of this tutorials?replyTim5 years agoUsing after Effects CC 2015 and it is crashing when I try to add AO Raytrace.

I have installed both AE and E3D v2 with update more then once and still happens.

Please help!reply

chris5 years agodoes anyone know where i can get that 3d destruction model andrew uses on here with the alpha channels?replyMG Lodhi5 years agoHi,
I learn to much with the help your tutorial. You are amazing man head off you really 🙂
you are my great great teacher (y) (y)replyIssuan5 years agoWhere is the mesh visibility?replyConnor5 years agoIs there an updated GPU compatibility list? The newer iMacs have Nvidia GeForce GT 750M and 755M..

I can’t go back to PC, man. I can’t do it.reply

Mário5 years agoI need a help please. If I use replicator shape “Plane” e.g. 200 particle count and turn on “shadows-shadow maping” I cannot set up parallel lights correctly because shadows are out of plane? How can I do it right? Only in ray-traced mode all shadows are displayed correctly.reply

Christopher Sisney5 years agoHere’s a show open I did using Element 3Dv2. The client was very impressed. Hope you like it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKpzDC1497IreplyJasper5 years agoHey! Does anyone know how to create those 3d-holes/facewounds? Is it possible in element?

Thanks!replybhishm5 years agoworking awesome but si i faceing to much frezzing & slow i that v2.2 i have 4gb dd3 ram 1gb grphy card i3 pross please sir help how to fix itreplyFatmir5 years ago360°Video: “We Choose” – (Element 3D v2.2)
Hope you like it 😀replyTony5 years agoHey Andrew

Been busy lately? Last tutorial was almost 5 months ago…any new ones in the pipeline?replyfelipe5 years agoHello
I love the extrusion


Marcos5 years agoHello Andrew. How have you been!?
I have a question. Can we have a simple “Sticker effect” inside Element 2?.
I mean, a have a scene with a table, and I just want to have plane over the table, with a PNG texture, with alpha channel.

The only thing that seems to working, is when I use the “alpha threshold” option.
But that give me jagged border to my sticker…like a 1 bit alpha. GIF style.
I tried the new “matte alpha” option…but it only cuts hole with the shape of the plane, over my scene.
I even tried using 2 element 3d plugins unified..but with no luck.

So, Am I missing something?
Or is this a limitation of the plugin.

Thank you very much for everything!

Firat5 years agoDid you stop producing tutorials site and start focusing only on products?replyhasmet5 years agoWould that be possible if you could add a “box” kind of reflection map in the next update ? Spherical and mirror surface are already really usefull but in box kind of geometries both dont work pretty well.I believe lots of people would appreciate it.Best regards Andrew and VCP tem! Love you all!replyasART. 3D and motion graphics5 years agoasART. EDMo – Glossy Desert
– Adobe After Effects
– Trapcode MIR
– Element 3D

https://vimeo.com/135170303replysanjay5 years agoHow to make element 3d work with intel hd graphics…..i often get ”unrecoverable error” msg…help plsreplyTobi5 years agoWill Element 3D work wiith Intel i7 Skylake, so the integrated graphics ? It is suppose to be 30% more powerful in GraphicsreplyPawel5 years agoChill the f*** out people! Andrew will give an update whenever he feels like doing so, stop with the stupid nagging and speculations.replyJehu5 years agoIn E3D V2 not displayed custom materials,what’s wrong? need helpreplyJason5 years agoHi,
Just extruded some text in the UI panel and I wanted to rotate it.
the X and Z axis are the same rotation properties, is this an issue for anyone else?
I’m running v2.2replyFatmir5 years agoWhatch this made in Element 3D v2.2

franmar5 years agocomo conseguir en daño en la cara en E3Dreplymatt5 years agoI wonder if they lost their developer.replyJuan Obregon5 years agoAnyone seen or heard anything, Where is Kramer?reply

Darren M5 years agoLast one out, please turn off the lights….replyMichael5 years agoJune 17 to July 17
No Post, No comment, No Tutorial …
Has there been any update or change to the site since June 17 ?replySaidiks5 years agowhen will E3D integrate the 3D Caustic Light Effect?replySteffen5 years ago@Parth

“if you are a Buyer of these Products , you can write to the Support of VCP and can solve the Problem there.replyParth5 years agoHey,
Can anyone tell me that why there was a copyright notice on youtube when I used designer sound fx for my video? (as Mr.Andrew said that we can use them anywhere)
Would really appreciate the help 🙂reply

scshaw5 years agoMy attempt at recreating the Secret Entrance.


asART. 3D and motion graphics5 years agoasART.EDMo – DERELICT

– Adobe After Effects | 3D Studio Max | Element 3D .. Enjoy!

https://vimeo.com/134151373replybobomet5 years agoHey AK …. how about a TUT to help us figure out how you did the trapdoor scene.
I can get most of the “door” movements but can’t figure out how you composited it all with the “industrial site” image.
Thanks in advance …..reply

xanathon5 years agoJust updated AFX to CC2015 and get lot sofg errors when using Element 3D, latest version. Will there be an update soon?

Example error: “After Effects error: effect cannot use “check out/in parameter” callback when called with “unknown” command.

( 25 :: 84 )”reply

asART. 3D and motion graphics5 years agoasART. EDMo – THE SYSTEM
– Adobe After Effects
– 3D Studio Max
– Element 3D

Watch it on vimeo:
https://vimeo.com/133959562replyNguyễn Văn Sup5 years agoI only can make the “dynamics reflection” work with the plane , but I can’t make reflection with a mirror ( modelling from C4D ) . Can you help me ?replyCrewzer55 years agoThis is really awesome stuff, need to learn – where to start?

1.software and
2.spec Win/mac system do i need to get started?

if someone could direct me on where to start

i have access to maya 2015/2016 mac, after effects cc 2015 mac.

ThanksreplyH.M5 years agoIt’s already been 2 weeks. Do you guys have any updates? New plugin? New tutorial? New 3D Model Pack? Even say something on the blog!replyEbonEdits5 years agoWhen ever I extrude my text it just stays black. Even after adding materials and bevels and so on. Any help please?replyLakmal Fernando5 years agoWe are already following this site, (my favorite site) Do you have any updates?replymmz.vfx5 years agoi’ve been waiting for openVDB support updat vesion ! it will be a great featurereplyBrando5 years agoWe won’t see anything coming from VC for at least till August/September. Andrew missed his deadline for Film Riot’s Epic Summer and has pushed it back to August.reply

Jason5 years agoAny one having problems viewing a image in the Custom Layer, Texture channel UI.
I can load a png/jpeg and see it. As soon as I load from the custom channel it’s blank but does pop in when I come out of scene set up..
I’m using AFX 2015 and have element 3d v2.2

simon5 years agoSorry missed the decimal point, every 23 days, panic!!!replysimon5 years agoThe average days between tutorials since VC began is approximately 230, so need to panic yet!replyasART. 3D and motion graphics5 years agoasART. EDMo – WATCH ME
– Adobe After Effects
– 3D Studio Max
– Element 3D

Watch it on vimeo: https://vimeo.com/133420599replyElliot Ritchey5 years agoDay 104:

It’s been 104 days since a new tutorial was released. I’m shaking in fear. When will another tutorial be released? Will there ever be another one? The fight continues tomorrow, stay tuned.

-Sponsored by completely joking around – but I would love a new tutorial.replyBerg5 years agoElement 3D + Character Animator! Have you considered the possibilities?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jAcTtmn-pBcreplyVictor5 years agoLove the plug in. but…
when I load my obj that I created in blender it shows materials but with nothing on it. no texture image, defuse, no color, no normals,.
how do we load that right? or how do I save my file in bleder the righ way so Element will see all materials when I import them?replyasART. 3D and motion graphics5 years agoAdobe After Effects | ELEMENT 3D 2.2 | VC ACTION ESSENTIALS

Watch it on vimeo: https://vimeo.com/133163473replyArt5 years agoBug Fixes? V2.2.2 on updates tab and no updates yetreplyArnold5 years agoHi Andrew!, Thanks for your effort about this plugin.. I have a suggestion, it is possible on version 2.5 have a timeline or can we animate an object inside the UI? Thanks Man!reply

LalX5 years agoHi,

Can e3d be dynamically linked in a premiere composition? I did not have too many issues in CC 2014, but am getting non stop crashes with CC 2015. I did not see anything in the documentation about dynamic linking.

Can anyone confirm?

LexxreplyRafin5 years agoI wish it was possible to also import 3d camera and lights from c4d, I know that it is possible to import lights,camera,null and solid , but because of the camera setting in aftereffects the focus point is different, I think that importing camera and lights with element 3d really helps.Makes the work flow even better.replyBruno5 years agoHi guys,
This is my page about my tutorials with Element 3D… Enjoy.



Brian Stevens5 years agoHey i was wandering if you could add a project file option within element 3d UI and so when we get tired of making scene we can save as project file the whole scene and continue later still editable you know it’s different from saving group folder as .e3dreplyasART. 3D and motion graphics5 years agoAdobe After Effects | 3D Studio Max | ELEMENT 3D 2.2

Watch it on vimeo: https://vimeo.com/132726846reply

John Robins5 years agoInstalled E3D update to 2.2, set up AE, went to Scene Setup, inserted basic model to check Group Symetry function, BUT no Group Symetry icon to use. Please any one offer thoughts/suggestions.reply

asART. 3D and motion graphics5 years agoELEMENT 3D v2.2 | Watch “EDM – One Boogie”:
http://vimeo.com/132633572replyParth5 years agoHey Andrew,
Can you please explain how to create a 3d face track and apply things like robotic eye or some burned face kind of effect? I saw your NAB15 Presentation and was thrilled to learn more things from you 🙂
Big Fan of yours….

– I am 16yrs old and I’m proud to live in a world where you are there …
Thank You.replyPaul B5 years agoHi everyone,

Is the “3D Object as a Replicator Shape” for particles removed?
If not, how is it setup now?
I’d really like to use it.

Thanksreply8T35 years agoI love how quick it is to create awesome 3D scenes. Check this render out – https://vimeo.com/130036787replyAbel5 years agoAwesome release!….
Mister Kramer I thing that we need new 3d Model packs, Choppers??? Ground military vehicles?…just sayingreplyMichael5 years agoHi everybody,
Can anyone send me a link where I can learn to track a face/head and other body parts, then use C4d model to attach to that body part. Even better, if I can attach E3D model to the part. Example, replace head with robot head, or arm with robot arm or big gun.

Thank you in advance…reply

Schmaise5 years agohey andrew and everyone else in here..
can you guys recommend a good tutorial for a complex camera movement. i tried everything. it just won’t look smooth. i have started from scratch about 20 times by now. played around with pinning the camera to a null object. either the keyframes are heavily visible or or the motion is smooth but the camera is turning in weird ways. tried to correct the bezier curves by hand but it just won’t work.
kinda frustrated at this point.. sorry
if anyone has good link or idea it would be much appreciated. thxreplyBen5 years agoVery cool as ever! I wonder if Element will support Apples new Metal Engine on el Capitan. And if yes will the speed increase?

Best Benreply

Bertal FX5 years agoHi !

Thanks for those grate update. I can’t move from my computer.
I use shortcut a lot and I thnik it might be really usefull to have some in E3D. Changing tool with the mouse slowdown the workflow.
Thanks for reading.replySteven M5 years agoHave you guys yet tried to add parallax mapping? Can we expect to see that feature in the future? Along with that, can we expect relief mapping (also known as parallax occlusion mapping or self-shadow mapping)? Both of these are used a great deal in video game render engines, and can be done quite efficiently. They can also be done using the same map, just add an occlusion check-box and self-shadow check-box to the parallax tab (if you make one).

Here’s an example of a simple parallax openGL shader (starting on page 16): https://www.opengl.org/sdk/docs/tutorials/TyphoonLabs/Chapter_4.pdf

An example of relief/occlusion/self-shadow mapping can be found here:

Please add them one day! Pretty please! They would be fantastic additions to the Element 3D tool kit, and I would absolutely love it even more than I already do! 😀replyChrisitan5 years agoWill there be a VR version of Element in the near future? Looking forward to any AR/VR additions to AE and Element. 360 degree environments and rendering out stereo side by side and over under comps. Just curious.reply

john robins5 years agoInstalled E3D update to 2.2, set up AE went to Scene Setup, inserted basic model to check Group Symetry function BUT no Group Symetry icon to use.replyMichael5 years agoHi Andrew !
Awesome software.
Would it be possible to include a way to import the animation of a character from C4D when it is rigged. AE kind of does it and I know E3D does include animation, but not if it’s rigged. If it’s at all already possible, can someone please tell me how or direct me to a tutorial


Danilo5 years agoHey Andrew…
E3DV2 is a amazing update with a bunch new features and so much more.
But… please man, If possible, release a update that makes E3DV2.2 compatible with Adobe AE CC 2015.
Same with optical flares.

Please man.reply

enzo5 years agoGood evening, we would like a tutorial, which shows the tracking of the face, as in the conference with adobe. you sir Andrew Kramer, one you have to apply it a few days ago that.
thank you in advancereplyArt5 years agoSubsurface Scattering’s not working when shadow’s activated, simple bug herereplydanny5 years agoneed ur help pals. pls any1 to share me twich.zip complete version cos d 1 i hv jst corrupted. pls help mereplyDanilo5 years agoHey Andrew.

Is there anyway to create animated 3D objects (inside E3DV2, of course) by adding a native AE mask that has animations on its path propriety and then extruding it?
I know…. E3D has a amazing tool to import OBJ sequence. But, for this I need create my animation 3D object inside a 3D software like 3DS MAX, exporting the sequence OBJ files and then import to E3D. But, I would like to know If is possible make the whole thing inside the AE, by just extruding a animated layer mask.

Sorry my bad english. I’m brazilian and I don’t want using google translate for this.

Thanks bro.reply

Cyrus5 years agoEverything i ever wanted is here, thank you Andrew.
we love you!!!!!!!!replynameless5 years agointel graphic card work for me i dont kno why.replyCurtis5 years agoIve been hearing that AE 2015 is crashing due to bugs…anybody else hear differnt? Would love to install this update but I’m worriedreply

Tomas5 years agoOk, good people, I have a little problem. I would want to know, how is possible to get best results for rendering in E3D V2. I mean, like photorealistic. Because I can´t get it. Maybe I don´t know some settings. I have i7 4770 and GTX 760. I need results like this one for example. How is this possible? https://vimeo.com/113717122reply

Bosko5 years agoAndrew, will you make a 3d hole pack and 3d head_stiches? If not where can I get it? Bosko.replyOmer Saleem5 years agoPlease suggest a solution
I am unable to obscure 3D object behind 3d layer of after effects
Its just rough video

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AfNMDF-LHzc&feature=youtu.bereplyJimmyNEMESIS5 years agois anytime soon we would be able to import othe file then C4d,Obg,e3d ? i was wondering if we can export then to other then those , would be cool to be able to import .3ds and otherreplyWalid Al Zayani5 years agoHi…. thanks for this amazing plugin, but there is few bugs in Element 3d V2.2 and it would be great to fix this

1- Shadow and opacity of any object (shadow not fade with opacity). not working together as it was in AO in V2.0
2- After effects Comp as Custom Texture Maps… not working
3- Matte Alpha material it has matte issue as i want to use it above other objects.

As a suggestion if you can do layers in the material editor, so we can composite materials, this would be WOW.

My best regardsreplyfernando5 years agoThanks Videocopilot Team. I suggest a new feature few months ago…..and you make it!

Awesome, thanks thanks thanks

I know…my english…i know…replyWayne Heywood5 years agoSup dudes!

Okay, problem time (well, not a problem, just.. my problem)

When using a group symmetry, the reflections are only useful on the original item, while the instances glitch. So, I’ve been creating and positioning my geometry within a group folder at 0,0,0 which has symmetry turned on so as to ‘see’ my final idea take shape. Then once happy, turning the symmetry off, duplicating the group and rotating the folder 180 degrees.

So I guess, my question is, is this currently the only workaround? Or have I missed something?replyRegis cardoso5 years agoParabens pelo grande trabalhoreplySteven Jenkins5 years agoJust clicked in my little brain how you made the SOLO model. I had just been staring at it and … Now to go try something!replyalbertt5 years agothis version is compatible with intel graphics HD?replyLoïc Scutnaire5 years agoHi Andrew,

I really love what you do. I get a question about the settings of your computer.
I imagine that the question has been already asked. But I’d like to work with Element 3D without any bug, any crash. I want that it works very fluid and fast.
Can you tell me de settings of your computer?

Thank you very much
Loïc ScutnairereplyESTA USA5 years agoAmazing plugin, very good teacher.reply

Artem5 years agoAdd cartoon shader plz.

(cartoon edges + light settings).replyLj5 years agohttp://motionanddesign.net/lots-new-element-3d-v2-tutorials/replySaulo Zayas5 years agoAMAZING UPDATE! for months now i’ve not even opened 3ds max lolreplyFrank5 years agoAnother great tutorial…I second the call for a tutorial on Matt’s Face.replyKawika5 years agoAmazing update. Thanks for all your hard work and buy your engineers a beer.replySid J. Images5 years agoGreat improvement! Love it! Specially the matte shadow with alpha and the symmetry option!replyZedul5 years agoNeed tutorials about the VFX for Matt’s face please… cool features and really worth for waiting…replyFatmir5 years agoHi Andrew very nice job in update of Element 3D v2.2
I have a question can you explain how did you make this effect in Element 3D V2.
I have two months to try to do this but without success.
Thanks.:DreplyVFXGate.com5 years agoThis is very cool update : symmetry feature !!
Thank You and Thank YoureplySerpin5 years agoAny plans to add Alembic Ogawa support?
It’s opensource, compact, clean and supported by most 3D-apps nowadays.
FBX is nice and all, but proprietary and comes in all kinds of flavors, is clunky and can be bloated with lots of data E3D will never need to support.replythe Immortal FX5 years agoi want to bulid a computer to run element 3D and daz 3d
i got 1000$ AUS
what should i buy!!?replyJavier Cordero5 years agoThank you very much for this update! It came just in time! The matte reflexions & matte shadows checkboxes just make my current project so much efficient and better looking.replyKevin5 years agocan you export an obj. sequence?replyRory Klein5 years agoThis update looks really good. How did you get the 3d model of Matt’s face?replySameer Khan5 years agoHey i was wandering if you could add a project file option within element 3d UI and so when we get tired of making scene we can save as project file the whole scene and continue later still editable you know it’s different from saving group folder as .e3dreplySteven Jenkins5 years agoThat was meant as an answer for Jeremiah.reply

Steven Jenkins5 years agoAs of 2.0.7, motion blur works with animated C4d files. Motion blur does not work on obj sequences.replyKris5 years agoThis is very cool update with matte reflection and symmetry feature. However, I still find loading PNG is troublesome in the latest release. I am loading up PNG image on diffuse map and turning on matte alpha, the region i expect to be opaque becomes black and it doesn’t go away until i tweak alpha threshold. Alpha threshold gives bad result with rough edges. I am not sure where it went wrong, please point me in right direction.reply

Ben Jones5 years agoMan, awesome work once again. Was wondering were you guys went, but now I know where!! Thanks 🙂replyJeremiah5 years agoJust out of curiosity, will an animated C4d file be superior to an OBJ sequence when it comes to performance and motion blur as it is only one file and not a bundled group?
ThanksreplySteven Jenkins5 years agoAny idea what this means? “Randomized Raytrace samples for multi-pass motion blur”
Sounds like a ray-traced motion blur render of some sort, but I see no options which seem to pertain to this.reply

Andy Ramirez5 years agoThanks to you this could be achieved in ELEMENT V2 you will be proud

thanks for your hard work man, Thanks to you we designers pay the bills with this amazing plugin. If you want I would love to show some VC advertisment with my work. anyway thank you!replylionxq85 years agogreat job,

could you please upload the project file for download, so we can understand how did you make each composition ? especially the face part.

thanks,replyGreg Forest5 years agoAnyone else having problems with the flares or heat plugin installation? Do I need to install all E3D components from start or something? Thanks…replyNoa5 years agoHow is foggy glow made in the background in the first picture and the video thumbnail?replyFederico5 years agoCan’t wait to watch a in depth tutorial about how you joke around with Matt’s face! 😀replySaurabh verma5 years agoIs element 3D v2.2 compatible with adobe after effecr cs6replyVfx ninja5 years agoIs that Maserati in your favorites folder the one in the trailer for intercept. I’m really excited about the update and the upcoming short film thanks so much andrew.replyLuciano Daluz5 years agoAlot of questions asked in here are answered here:http://www.videocopilot.net/docs/element2/replySoren5 years agoHey Andrew and VC

I work with element 3d (and 3ds max) professionally in advertisement and I have to say I’m so greatfull for what you guys are creating. It makes my worklife simpler and more fun. The thoughts behind elements 3d is completely in sync with my workflow and so far, whatever i have been missing in the previous versions, have been implemented in the next. Amazing.

Thank you

SorenreplyMisel D.5 years agoI like feature for exporting OBJs. Just a quick question, during export (i’ve downloaded update yesterday, I did not test it yet) is it possible to collect custom materials for objects?replyDarren M5 years agomore 3d packs please Andrew……replyXinGeR5 years agoplease put a direct link to download this video & better quality.
tnx.replyAlaind5 years agoAlleluia !!!!!Alleluia !!!!!Alleluia !!!!!Alleluia !!!!!replybobomet5 years agoHey … what is the keyboard shortcut to moving my group folder components toward and away from each other like Andrew does in the tutorial?
I can’t seem to figure it out …replybobomet5 years agoFabulously well done Andrew and VC. I needed some of the new features before I realized it.replyKC5 years agoIs there a tutorial on importing vehicles and keeping there texture intact?replyEd5 years agoNice features.

The plug-in is getting harder to learn, though. :Breply

Gilberto Sanchez5 years agoWOW!! Matte Reflection Mode!! You read my mind… Awesome new feature. Keep up the good work. This product is game changer for us.replyPepitePictures5 years agoThe last OBJ export announcement really sounded like the “just one more thing” in the Apple conferences! Great feature !!!replyMichael Powers5 years agoThnx for the quick fix! as always.replySean5 years agoWow…VCP and Andrew have done it again….guess I won’t be getting much sleep the next few nights… Great work AK !replyDarren5 years agoWooh! Here it is. And with impeccable timing.replyWilliam5 years agoAny one having issues with the update? My models that were built in Cinema and imported to Element are all skewed now.reply

ImanVFX5 years agoThank a lot
Great FeaturesreplyJeremy Abbott5 years agoDammit Kramer…always hinting at this vehicle pack. Armoured car, SUV, helicopter, city bus…WHEN WILL WE GET IT!!!??? Gah it’s going to be the most useful model pack ever when it finally arrives….replyPeta5 years agoHi Andrew,
great work, I wish you would make Elements available for Motion and Final Cut Pro.
regardsreplyKC5 years agoQuestion: I have Element 3d plus additional VC plug-ins for After Effects CS6. I plan on updating to CC 2014-15. will the plug-in still work for CC? will I have to pay any additional charges?replykkehoe55 years agoDid you put any restrictions on exporting the VCP models, or will I see them for free on Blendswap in the future?replyBuster5 years agoWow! Thank you. Very useful new features that will certainly save tons of time. Any details regarding the C4D animation integration? Can you import a C4D file with it’s key frames?replyAli Rezaei5 years agoThank You Andrew. Element 3D is the best forever.replyCameron5 years agoAlso, I REALLY want to know what’s in the “Secret” model folder in your Element window…reply

Cameron5 years agoI would pay cash money for a destruction model pack with these 3D holes, and I-beams and stuff like that. Those are legit.replyXinGeR5 years agoWow i don’t have any words to say O _oreplyJohn5 years agoReally loving the group symmetry option, and I am currently working on a project where I’ll sure be able to use the dynamic group folder reflections. You guys just saved me a ton of time, and I can’t thank you enough!

Keep up the great work, Andrew. You have a customer for life!

JohnreplyGeeFX5 years agoAmazing update! And so glad it works with AE CC 2015! Great job! Well done guys!! 🙂

It’s a great tool for really fast turnaround high quality stuff. If anyone has a sec check this example below of something we had to do in 2 days for a TV pilot. The drone model was based on a CAD drawing we cleaned up in C4D and then rigged and animated entirely within Element 3D V2. Everything else was all done in Element too. Certainly couldn’t of done it in a different 3D package or using AE & C4D’s Cineware in such a short space of time.


fremox5 years agoSuch awesome !
I just tested a few new features, based on your own “light streaks” idea, seen in one of your example :

Your plugin reaaaally rocks !!replymuhamed eldesoky5 years agohey Andrew , please make some tutorials for using E3D and how to bulid a space ship on it and many thing and how to use motion design 2replyR-CANE5 years agoWow!!!! I am so impressed. So that also means I can export E3D scene to OBJ and have it 3D printed?!!replyMário5 years agoSuper features! Hats off! I would like to ask you. Is there possibility to create function “invisible objects but objects shadows visible”? It will help to render independent objects and shadows layers and make detachedly colour corrections or another editing e.g
Thank you for all! Marioreply

Daniel5 years agoWow! Does it export OBJ before or after the deformers from E3D are applied?replyRichie5 years agoNew features look awesome, especially the matte reflection and symmetry, and the obj export is genius!

Question: Any possibility of adding collisions in the future?replyRedo5 years agoBrilliant New Featuresreplymath5 years agoyou are the best Andrew.I Love youreplyfrancis5 years agoyou touch my heart in first seconds of this tutorial … but i know you … a man … You never disappointed … you done it.replyAlex5 years agoYes!!!
Save Group Folder as E3D file – that feature I have needed!
Thank you and Best regards!

P.S. Looking forward for more model packs!replyshay5 years agohey guys, whats the difference between the E3D v2.2 patch or the full installation ?

thanksreplyMichael5 years agoHi!
Can you tell us a bit more about the “Improved C4D support file support with animation”replyLj5 years agoHi Andrew
Is it anny chance for next patch to have option in UV Mapping next to UV Repeat to lock scale ?
Example i would adjust x and than need to input same number from x to y. It is more easy to see material on the fly than first input x than copy that number to y. It would be great if is possible to constrain proportions option which controls whether the width and height are linked to scale together, maybe something like lock switch next to it ?reply

Jim Lake5 years agoSuperb! Love the group save feature especially! Great work as always Andrew and the team!replyOmegu5 years agoHey! I created this Light Saber using Element 3D & Cinema 4D. Also I used the world position pass for the beam. What do you think? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oyNhjD6lqiUreply

jakdaniel5 years agowith v2.2 you have solved the problem of the environment with the geforce gtx 980?reply

Denis5 years agoPlease add selection multiple objects in scene with “Shift” by clicking only on first and last objects. 🙂reply

John5 years agowhat method did you use for face tracking?reply

Henry5 years agoHey Andrew! Love Element 3D. Will you guys ever have dynamics features or the ability to bring in cached simulations? I’ve been working on some stuff and having the ability to work in 3D space without the sims being 2D would be excellent!

Looking forward to Intercept!replyDaron Sneed5 years agoWow! You guys have done it again. Thanks for your devotion to our world.replyBlurMotion5 years agoplease update Optical Flares for Nuke9replyArtemus5 years agoFirst you got us all pumped up with your up coming short-film and without any warning..THIS! Thank you Brotha Andrew. Thank you.replyJoe5 years agoThanks Andrew, it works perfect in PC CC 2015.
Your plug-in is the BEST.

Here is a quick experiment importing sequential OBJ files https://youtu.be/CVLzLWDLjJYreplyMartyn Tranter5 years agoI thought that FBX was going to be in this update? is this still planned?reply

VF5 years agoWill replicated particles able to reflect each other and the scene in this version?replyCameron Crest5 years agoHow on earth do you have time to do this update release and a film at the same time? That’s very god-like.replyJeremy5 years agoWell worth the wait!! Perfect timingreplyBrian5 years agoYESSSSS! FINALLY! Thank you so much Andrew!replyKoz5 years agoVery cool..love the new symmetry option. My custom layer environment isn’t showing up in the Element viewport…it’s just black. Any ideas?replySeun5 years agoYou’re beautiful. Thank youreplyBrick Productions5 years agoHey Andrew! I was able to recreate the Avengers title sequence ENTIRELY in After Effects! While this isn’t a replacement for C4D but it is awesome if you want to animate a small thing!

Avengers Titles:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwhTQaHW7XgreplyZack5 years agoNow we know why you had to wait. For the CC 2015 launch.replywayne satterlee5 years agoThank you Team VC as always you take it up a notch!replyparsec3d5 years agoawwww…

thanx for the .obj export feature. highly appreciated 🙂

…and of course for AE CC 2015 compatibility

HOOOORAY!!!replyJúlio César5 years agoAmazing plugin, very good teacher.replyEchelon Red Studios5 years agoYes!!! Now all Adobe has to do is fix those bugs on AE 2015 and we’re good! Can’t wait to try it out! ….Right after I get off the toilet…replyKevin5 years agoNice!!

Here’s a short I worked on and used E3D for the fx. Even used the animating a still tut for one shot. Hope you don’t mind 🙂

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6fCTVQ3fW8replyMooMan805 years agoAmazing! Just Amazing!replyChris Siegfried5 years agoOBJ EXPORT!!! YES!! SUPER EXCITED! ( as you can tell from my caps haha) Thanks man! your the best!reply

Chris Price5 years agoI assume you used this on Intercept? 😉replyAaron5 years agoAwesome! Been waiting for this!